Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pinewood Derby!

We had a blast participating in our first pinewood derby. Otis and Braiden worked for weeks on his car. They named it Blue lightening with the number 55 on it, ( of course! that's his football number) Then Otis decided to make one for the girls at the last minute just for fun. They made a pink car with an army guy painted pink with red barbie hair glued to the head for the driver. (they couldn't find a miniature sized Barbie) It was funny! We love scouts it has been so good for Braiden!

My Beautiful Pre-Teen!

I can't believe I have a almost teen. Briana is getting older. It makes me sad. She is such a sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders. I learn more from her then she will ever know. She is really developing into a beautiful Young Woman. I love you Bri!

Kindergarten Performance Time!!

Brooke's Kindergarten class put on their annual performance this week. They sang songs based off of Children's books written by the school's music teacher. They sang a really cute song based on the book, "Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom" and the book, "No David" it was adorable! We always look forward to performance time! This is a picture of Brooke with her Bestest friend Lauren. These two have become two of a kind, I don't know what they would do without each other.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter came up so quickly this year, I was scrambling to pull it all together. It turned out great! It was a beautiful Easter Sunday! The weather was perfect here in Arizona. We had a nice weekend that started off by going to the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant, Which was beautiful as always. It is nice to have the pageant to remind us why we celebrate Easter and to reflect on our Savior and his Sacrifices.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beautiful Day!

The kids are on Spring break this week and since we are staying home they each got to pick one thing they wanted to do.

Briana's choice was either the Zoo or the movies. We are going to the movies Friday with friends, "Horton Hears a Who" looks like a cute movie.

Brookes thing was to have a cookie and lemonade sale in the front yard. (they earned $22.00 wow!).

Braidens thing was to go hiking or visit Dad at work (Dad was in manager training and it didn't work out so we went hiking) It was a beautiful day. We went to the Superstition Mountains which is right in our backyard. The girls had fun picking wild flowers on the way up and Braiden lead us on the trail. Notice Brookes mouth wide open, she sang and picked flowers the entire hike, it was soo... cute! Braiden wanted to hike up to some caves we found on our way up but Brookes little legs just couldn't go any farther. We had a great time!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our Little Scouter!

Braiden loves being in Scouts! We were just getting ready to attend his first Blue and Gold Banquet. The theme was Chinese New Year and each boy had to bring a cake to go along with this theme. Otis and I happened to be at Epcott Center the week before so we were able to get some Chinese decorations for his cake. We are so grateful for the scouting program and the great scout leaders Braiden has!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good Job Otis!

Otis was awarded Recruiter of the year for his company! We were invited to attend Presidents Club in Orlando Florida with all of the other company award recipients. This is a picture of Otis holding his award with the President of his company. Good job Otis! We are grateful for all of your hard work this year!