Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Halloween

Time to Blogg, It's been awhile!

Okay! I know it's been awhile so here's what's been going on in the past month in a half or so.

Youth Conference!

The theme was, "Hero's who inspire excellence". We did a video road show. Each ward had to pick a hero and film a "movie" based on this hero and how they inspire excellence. It was a really great activity. Saturday night we had a movie premere/ Hero Awards red carpet event, Limo and all. Brother Layton and I were the red carpet "interviewers".

We had some special guests come and present an award. Napoleon, Kip and Pedro! I wonder who pedro is??

Crazy Hair Day!

Briana and her friend Tyler on Crazy hair day! Briana got creative and came up with the idea of putting little "twisties" all over and then attaching candy wrappers. Tyler has short hair so we let him wear the "pedro" wig!
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Yes! Football season is still going strong! Braiden and the girls had a great season this year! Braiden made his first touchdown. It was a 63 yard run touchdown! We are so proud of him, he really played with heart! And of course the girls kept the team spirit going strong!
It became a traditon to go get dinner after the games! This is Braiden and his buddy Christian after a game at In "n" out. Yummmm!
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Allison's Birthday!

We has a fun night out for Allison's Birthday! We went to Red Lobster because Allison wanted Crab for her Birthday dinner. It was yummy!

I love my Sisters, They are so fun to be around! We are all so buisy going in different directions it's hard to find the time to be together! I'm hoping life will slow down a little once football is over.

The cute cousins! I love this picture!

The "hot" husbands who put up with all of the "Davidson" wierdness!
You guys are the best! Jason's Birthday is next! Good excuse to go eat again!

The girls loved their crab!
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We went to go take the kids golfing and we got to the golf course and it was closed to re-seed for winter grass. :( So we did the next best thing and went Minature golfing! It was a fun day!
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More Football!

Go Miners!!!!!

We had a pep rally the night before the play off game. We watched highlights from the season on a big screen at the park. Then walked over and watched the AJ high football game. As you can see by the look on the boys faces it was a fun night!
Me Braiden and Brooke being silly before the party.
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Ice Skating with the Scouts

I took Braiden's scout troop ice skating to help them earn the ice skating belt loop. These boys crack me up!
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Football is offically over :(

I do have to hand it to our Miners Cheerleaders! It's hard to stand out there and cheer when it is 110 degrees out! They did great and cheered our team on untill the very end!

Braiden and Bailey after the last game. They were trying so hard to smile they just weren't happy. They are sad to see the season end!

I love this picture of Braiden. It depicts how we all feel. The mixed emotions about the football season being over. Football has been such a big part of our lives for the past 3 months. We have created some great family memories together. It was stressfull this year trying to squeeze it all in but we made it work and it was fun! I am going to miss sitting outside watching the boys practice with the great friends I have made through football. I hope we can keep our boys playing together for years to come!
The End!