Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cafe Laguna on the News!

We got to the restaurant last week and Chanel 12 was there. They wanted to do a news clip on the restaurant. Click on the link below to see it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brookeee's Birthday!

It was the premiere night of the Hanna Montana 3-D Movie, so we decided to make a birthday party out of it. We called it a "Late Night" Party and all the girls (and Braiden) wore their

Briana and Brooke made and decorated the cake all by themselves! Good Job girly's!
Okay so the main purpose of the party was to watch the cool 3-D movie with the cool 3-d glasses. They thought it was fun............................................
for about 15 minutes!!
Then they were on to bigger and better things. Like pillow fights! What's a girl party without pillow fights right???
Overall it was a fun and exciting. Okay and maybe a little exhausting but it only comes once a year. And Brooke was happy!!!

He did it again!

Bishop Holyoak has been known to bite heads off fish. I saw this once before on video and almost puked. Then I saw it in real life!! even grosser (is that a word??)

We had a priest/Laurel "Survivor" lake activity. One of the kids found this fish floating in the lake and decided to Dare Bishop Holyoak to bite the head off. From this video you will see he had no problem doing it!

I cut it again!!

Yes I cut it even shorter this time! At first I hated it. I think it is growing on me now! It's way easier to fix and doesn't end up in a ponytail everyday!

First Day Of School!!!

The kids were so excited to start school this year! Here are some pictures of them on the first day of School!

My little Brooke! A first grader!

My Handsome Braiden!

My grown up beautiful Briana! You will notice I had to take hers from the car she would have died if I would have gotten out to take pictures. Briana just found out today that she got a part in her school play that she tried out for. She is soo excited!

Brooke and her 2 little friends Addie and Lauren.

Braiden and his buddies on the playground at school!


Yeh for Family!!!

I now have 2 sisters, yes that's right 2 sisters that live in Arizona!! After being here in Arizona without any of my Sisters for 12 years I now have 2 Sisters here!!! I feel like I hit the lottery! Can you tell I am so excited. Anyway, my Mom and Sister Nikki came down from Utah for a visit. It was so fun to have them here. They happen to be here the weekend of our Grand opening so it was a little stressful but I could not have done it without them! It's funny how things work out. Thank You Mom, Chery, Allison and Nikki for being here to support us!