Sunday, April 27, 2008

4th year campout, Swing!!

On our 4th year camp out some of the men decided to get together and make a swing hanging down from a huge tree in our camp. Everyone took turns standing on the back of the truck and then letting go as they swung about 3 feet from the ground. (When your on it it seems allot higher) It was fun! Even President Leavitt did it. This is him swinging from the tree. He was actually one of the first ones to try it. (sorry, I couldn't figure out how to rotate the video around and make it the right way)

Rock Solid 4th year Adventure!

Otis and I went this weekend on the 4th year high adventure camp out! The theme was "Rock Solid" Testimonies. It was a really neat experience and allot of fun! We had a great group of Young Women who really came together and supported each other on our 6 mile hike. I will always remember this experience!

Books on Wheels!

Braiden and Brooke had the Books on Wheels Parade at school. They picked a book and made a float that represents the book. Brooke wanted to do Snow White, so we made a giant poison apple and Brooke dressed up like snow white.
Braiden's book was Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets. He had uncle clay come over and help him draw some giant attacking toilets. Then Braiden dressed up like Captain Underpants minus the underpants (he was too embarrassed to wear underpants on the out side of his clothes like the Captian underpants from the book.) It was fun and the kids were really proud to be part of the parade. Out of 500 students in the school only about 20 participated. So they had a big crowd to watch them parade through the school.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My kids have been Tagged!

So, Thanks to my good friend Tricia Burrell my kids have been tagged. It has taken me some time to respond but I knew I would eventually get around to it. I am supposed to write 5 things my kids love, so here we go!
1. Briana loves her cell phone. We broke down and got her one just before school started to help out with the communication for the carpool to and from school. It's helped out allot and it's kind of fun because I can text her in the middle of the day during school just to say, "have a good day". Anyway, that thing is glued to her hand, did you notice I didn't say ear, well that's because she never actually uses it to talk she just text's.
2. Briana loves piano, she actually just sits and plays on her own without me bugging her to practice. (I love listening to her play)
3. Briana loves to write. She loves to write short little stories or poems. In fact right now she's writing a children's book called, "Grandpa Al". It's a story of my dad and all of the funny things he used to say and do.
4. Briana loves to have her Brother and her Sister sleep in her bed with her on the weekends. It has become a tradition they love to stay up late laughing and giggling. good thing she has a full size bed.
5. Briana loves (likes) her best friend Bryce. They have been best friends since 2ND grade. If you ask either of them who there best friend is they will say each other. We tease them and say we have to take lots of pictures of them now so that we can put together a cute video at there reception. (he he) They just laugh. By the way you've probably guessed it, that's Bryce in the picture.

1. Braiden loves football! He loves to play it, watch it, collect cards of it, play it on video games! He loves football! He's pretty good too! He's one of the hardest hitters on his team, his nick name on the field is, "Little Bull".
2. Braiden loves to play guitar hero! He is obsessed! I have to give him time limits. He has almost every 80's rock song memorized thanks to that game!
3. Braiden loves to play out side. Riding his scooter or his skateboard with the boys in the neighborhood.
4. Braiden loves scouts. He always looks forward to scout day!
5. Braiden loves to read. There have been times when I thought he was asleep at midnight and I see him hiding under his sheets with a flashlight reading because he can't put down the book. I guess that's a good problem to have.
6. One more for Braiden! Braiden, "likes Pie". Braiden and his friend Christian have this little inside joke, they go around everywhere saying "I like pie" in a nerdy voice. I have no idea why they say it, they just think it's hilarious. For scouts last week it was Braidens turn to take the treats, guess what he took?? Pie! He wrote a big sign and stuck it to the top that said, "I like Pie". Weirdo!

1.Brooke loves to sing, dance and cheer around the house! The louder the better. The funny thing though, her teacher says she is so quiet in class she can hardly get her to speak up when she raises her hand to answer a question. Sounds like her Mom, (doesn't like to speak in public.)
2. Brooke loves to cuddle and give big kisses smack dab on the lips.
3. Brooke loves to ride her scooter and her bike. In fact, She has been afraid to ride her bike with the training wheels because one of the wheels were loose once and she fell over. So, it has been a year since she rode it. Well, 2 weeks ago she asked her dad to take the training wheels off and within 30 minutes she was riding it without the training wheels. Go figure??? She loves it now!
4. Brooke loves Kindergarten especially her teacher Mrs. Washington! She loves the songs they sing everyday and she loves doing centers, especially art centers.
5. Brooke loves her Big Sis Briana and her Big Bro Braiden! She's lucky to have them, they really watch out for her.
So, now I get to pass on the Tag! I am going to pass it on to the Watkins, and Both Halls!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my Birthday it was a busy but fun day! It started off at 7:30 am with breakfast in bed. (French toast and bacon mmmm!) Then we went to our Stake Emergency Preparedness Fair. Next, we went to Briana's piano recital. Finally, later that night Otis and I went out to Cheesecake factory for dinner/date night. It was a nice night out. When we got home the kids were waiting with a, "Happy Birthday Mom", sign that they made while we were out. They also had a chocolate zinger on a plate with a candle stuck in it. As I walked in the door they sang Happy Birthday! It was really cute and meant allot that they would think to do something like that for me. I love those guys!

Briana's Piano Recital

Briana had her piano recital today! She did so good! I love the music she brings into our home. It's so nice when things get crazy at our home when Briana sits at the piano and begins practicing a Hymn. It reminds me of what life is really about. I am so grateful for this talent she has developed. Thanks Bri!

Did you notice anything different??

After growing my hair out for 2 years I cut it!! I didn't even really plan on it. I was just out one day and decided I was going to do it. So, I stopped by this hair cut place where a few of my friends go and I just did it. I think I'm having a little, "Cutters remorse" but I'll get use to it. I cut over 4 inches off. It's not too short but it's definitely shorter.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dress like Mr. Laprise Day! Do you see the resemblance???

Every year Braiden and Brooke's school has Dress like Mr. Laprise day. Mr Laprise is the school principal. This is pretty much how he dresses shirt and tie. So, the kids went to school dressed like Mr. Laprise. I must say they all looked pretty sharp! My kids always look forward to this day! The principal is a good sport about it and really has fun with the kids. I took this picture of him off the school web site (I hope that's okay??) Do you see the resemblance? Pretty good imitations Hugh?

Scout Service.

Braiden needed to do some service for scouts. So, I arranged for him to pull some weeds for our next door neighbors who are an older couple. It was a great learning experience. About half way through the project our neighbor Norm could tell Braiden was feeling discouraged and wanted to be done. He came over and talked to Braiden and explained that if you learn to work hard when you are young then when you're old like him it won't seem so hard. So with the help of little sister Brooke and his friend and fellow scouter Christian they managed to pull all the weeds and really make the yard look nice. Our neighbors really wanted to do something nice to repay the boys so at the end of the project she came out with little treat bags made for everyone. It was very nice and a great learning experience for Braiden. I am so greatful for programs like these that put me into situations that help me to teach my son.

Good bye Cousins!

The kids have been lucky to have there cousins living a few houses down for the past 5 years. Well they just sold there house and will be moving out next week. Auntie Becca had a slip n slide going away party for her girls. The kids had fun! They will miss being so close to there cousins.