Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Valentine!!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am

I am
I am... A Child of God.
I think...about how much I love my family.
I have no worries in the world.
I have... A wonderful hubby.
I miss...My Dad.
I fear...losing my children or husband and scary movies!
I feel...tired right now (it's late)
I hear...Otis watching Hannity and Combs.
I smell...A scentsy burning.
I crave...anything sweet.
I cry...allot lately, don't know why???
I search...for solutions to my worries.
I wonder...when he comes again, will Herold angels sing (lalalalala) My favorite primary song.
I regret...not finishing college in Utah, we would probably still be there.
I wish...I could go on a nice long vacation.
I family
I care...about how I make people feel.
I always...say my prayers in the morning with the kids before school.
I worry...about the economy and the leadership of this country.
I am not...going to spread myself too thin this year
I wonderful my wedding day was.
I believe...families ARE forever
I sing...Songs from Mama Mia
I don't my Scriptures like I should (I'm working on it)
I argue...when I am passionate about something
I write...on my blog
I phone all the time!! grrr!
I my children laugh and play. I love it
I can usually be home or at Cafe Laguna! Come eat Fry Bread!
I just be happy. plain and simple.
I call people back .sorry:(
I am happy...with my family.
Tag! You're it! (Yep! That means you...who ever reads this!)