Saturday, April 25, 2009

National Anthem

Briana's Choir group sang the National Anthem at "relay for life" at Apache Junction High School. they did a great job and sang their parts beautifully! Great Job Bri!


Braiden has been doing wrestling for a couple months now. It has been so good for him to learn a new sport and to try something that is done individually. It is definitely a challenge for him but he loves a good challenge and he loves to compete in anything having to do with sports.

How cute in his singlet! I call it a onsie he he!
Checking out the competition!

I love this picture! they are both in the air! It's hard to watch! Briana and I were in the stands squeezing each others arms off! It's very intense for such little guys!

Easter Weekend!!

It was a fun Easter weekend with my Husband and my kids. It started off Saturday morning decorating eggs! This is always fun!

Brooke wanted to show us an experiment that she did at school. Does a raw egg float in salt water? The answer is..... Yes it does!
I woke up Easter morning (and my Birthday) to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a Delicious breakfast, made by the kids and Otis. It was so nice, they really made me feel special on my Birthday! Along with the numerous call from friends and family! Thanks guys! I feel so loved!

My cute kids, in their Easter outfits! I actually got Braiden to wear a pink tie! Yeh! they match!

My Birthday!

My birthday was on Easter this year. So about a week before my sisters Allison and Chery surprised my and came to pick me up for Dinner. they wrapped my with streamsers and said lets go! It was fun!

My Mom sent me this really pretty flower cake! thanks Mom I love it!

Derby Time!!!

It's been a long time! I have had some issues getting my pictures off my camera. So here we go!
Braiden and Otis had so much fun creating the Pinewood Derby car this year. It's so neat to see them both out in the garage working together. I love it and so do they!
We have such a great group of boys! It was so neat to see them cheer eachother on and give eachother high five! It wasn't about winning or being the best it was about having fun! and they had a blast!
Here are the cute boys of the Goldfield Ward!